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Tera ICTxEE, Energy Efficiency

Tera ICTxEE, Energy Efficiency

Tera ICTxEE, Energy Efficiency

Monitoraggio consumi e produzione

Tera ICTxEE, Energy Efficiency

Tera ICTxEE Information technology

Tera ICTxEE, Energy Efficiency

Tera ICTxEE, Service oriented to innovation

Tera ICTxEE, Energy Efficiency

Tera focuses it's activities on the concept of efficiency

Tera ICTxEE, Energy Efficiency

Tera ICTxEE, Orientata all'innovazione

Tera ICTxEE, Energy Efficiency

Soluzioni per sistemi/motorizzazioni/propulsioni ibride per nautica

Tera ICTxEE, Energy Efficiency

Monitoraggio consumi e produzione da fotovoltaico

Services oriented to innovation

Tera is a young SME based on the merging experiences of engineers and managers with expertise in different fields, such as energy efficiency for renewable energy, environmental sensors network and target localization in defined areas, industrial development, R&D. Our team is also directly involved in national and European R&D cooperative projects.

Tera focuses its activities on the concept of efficiency, as a general and pervasive guideline and not only as a final application (as for energy field), implementing this concept in innovative solutions.

TERA’s current topics are:

- Photovoltaic Plants Monitoring (ad-hoc Hardware and Software compliant with most inverters) and Environmental real-time monitoring and control;

- Real time Hybrid Engine system solutions (ad-hoc Hardware and Software for diesel-hydraulic-electric system)

- Building Energy profiling and management systems (including renewable sources and storage), decision support system for energy management of houses (for general purpose,  “citizens” market);

TERA’s expertise is related to the following areas:

- ICT and Embedded Electronics: low-power Short Range Devices (SRD), wireless sensors networks, electronic systems for ad-hoc automotive controls ;

- Electronic energy conversion technologies, particularly for Photovoltaic and micro wind systems for the energy supply of small stand alone loads, as for example that of niche markets like broadcast telecommunications or sailing boat;

- Renewable energy plant development, Energy audit of production processes.

Our work ... "the best is yet to come"

Tera can be considered a knowledge-intensive” SME due to its background and its team. Tera is able to merge the R&D skills with all practical aspects related to development and production phases. Starting from technology scenario, Tera analyzes and defines/draws up the system specifications to satisfy the functional features required by partners/costumers.


Tera Srl

Via C.Balbo 19/D, 70014,
Conversano (BA), Italia
Tel.: +39 080 2147775
Fax.: +39 080 2145892
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
P. IVA: 6597060729


Distretto Edilizia Sostenibile Puglia

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