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Great success for Tera at the Hackaton organized by the IoT Lab of the Polytechnic of Milan

27 October 2020


Great success for Tera at the Hackaton organized by the IoT Lab of the Polytechnic of Milan

A technological thread links Conversano to Milan, or, better said, it’s a wireless connection! The Hackathon organized by the IoT Laboratory of the Polytechnic of Milan led by Professor Giovanni Miragliotta, coordinator of the IoT Observatory of the University of Milan, ended the 21 October 2020. During the event, many different solutions were proposed, mainly based on wireless sensors, for smart home and smart building: energy saving, comfort, safety. Camerasdetecting risky situations for children and turning off electrical sockets, sensors mapping the presence of people and monitoring the indoor quality of the air, actuators that switching off and on the light and heating. During this important event, Tera was protagonist together with worldwide known partners (including Bticino, Connect Reply, DiCE, Edison, Ezviz, Vimar).

Three groups of students, recent graduates and young professionals, have ventured into the challenge launched by the IoT for the smart home and all groups have chosen the innovative and patented Tera control unit, conceived and developed in Conversano, to develop their idea. Tera’s technologies are part of an innovative trend called “Edge Computing”. Antonio Sacchetti, CEO of Tera says “to understand what Edge Computing is,  a parallel with what happened 40 years ago with Personal Computers can help. At the very start, just “single brand” computers were available (mainly IBM or a few other manufacturers): they were used essentially with software programs of the same brand, it was a “monobloc”, and the cost were very inaccessible; once the “IBM compatible” came, it was possible to use third party software, which made the software house market take off; finally, the prices dropped further thanks to the “Assembled PC” and the market broke out definitively: low prices, compatibility among HW, SW and operating systems, in one word, flexibility and interoperability, leitmotif here in Tera.” Gaetano Carbonara,  Firmware Manager confirms the relevance of this approach and comments the past great experience “first of all, we will give the three teams the opportunity to continue developing their ideas for two months. Than, we want to thank all participants for their contribution and engagement, expecially in this difficult time marked by Covid, they were able to conceive ideas and lay the foundations  of their projects in just two days ”.

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