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BEETA – Building Energy Efficiency Trusted Advisor

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Project receiving communiti fund of  “HORIZON 2020 PON I&C 2014-20” of MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) governed by Ministerial Decree of 01/06/2016


Tera Srl

Experimentation site

Tera Laboratory, users’ houses


Start date: 01/11/2016

End date: 31/10/2018

With Decree no. 2825 of 22/06/2017, the subsidies for the project no. 151 of industrial research and experimental development were granted from the Fund for Sustainable Growth. The Beeta solution, realized during the 24 months of the project, had the final objective to define, realize and test an innovative ICT platform that offers services able to involve end users, inducing behavioral changes in the efficient management of energy in their homes and small buildings. The ICT platform, realized through a “gamification app” (Beeta Game) and a “smart app” (Beeta Game). (Beeta Game) and “smart gateway” (Beeta Box), provides a series of KPIs (Key Performance Indexes) and Tips&Tricks (hints and suggestions) to consumer users and additional functionality to prosumer users (energy producers through photovoltaic systems installed in the building).


Through the experimentation carried out, it was found that users had the opportunity to improve and increase their awareness of energy consumption in the home.

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