Innovative control solution for integrated hybrid propulsion systems, diesel/electric-hydraulic.

Proposed action

TERA has developed an innovative control unit solution, HPTC (Hydraulic Power Transmission Controller) for integrated hybrid , diesel/ electric-idraulic propulsion systems. The system is flexible, modulare and scalable and consists of:

– an automotive level motherboard
– user-friendly display system (GUI) based on “nautical” display with customized SW
– a multi-parameter configuration software to customize the system based on engine power, the type of workload and the type of sensors

The solution developed by Tera is composed by:

– customization of configuration platform
– possibility to manage the motor via a two-control joystick
–  management of propeller and electrical loads on board

Tera technology  can be applied to many different sectors as agrifood industry, roads, etc.

Expected benefits

The system tested on a mechanical propulsive solution of the AS. Labruna, operating in the marine sector, has demonstrated advantages in reducing the environmental impact, reducing the overall size, reducing exhaust gases, vibration and noise.

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