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KnoholEM – Knowledge-based Energy Management for public buildings through holistic information modeling and 3D visualization




Tera Srl, KIT (DE), Trinity College, Cardiff University, Stenbeis Innovation, Isotrol SA, Woningstichting de Zalingheden, Fundacio Privada Barcelona, Matrix

Test site

Barcellona, Eindhoven, Siviglia


TERA participated in the UE KnoholEM project together other 12 european partners, including research institutes, universities, organizations and companies.The project objective was to improve energy efficiency of public buildings in Europe, offering an energy consumption analysis system and therefore, controlling energy-consuming devices, based on users’ methods and habits within those buildings. One of the main challenges that this project tried to overcome was the  interoperability and use of data, in order to monitor and control the energy consumption inside the building. To this end, the KnoholEM solution provided for the integration of the BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) already present in the buildings, with an ICT platform developed ad hoc.


TERA’s role was to analyse the communication protocols used in the field of home automation and to define the methods used for the interconnection of different devices, in particular those connected to the energy consumption management.

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