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20 Apr: Energy Communities: Smart Metering and Demand-Response technologies take off.

To support the digital transformation that will involve the new electricity grids, Tera srl has developed Smart Devices that read the fiscal meter and monitor and manage the bidirectional flows of Electrical Energy, communicating both with battery (or other type of storage) and PV inverters, and with service delivery platforms (such as Energy Community or Virtual Power Plant services, Grid Services, and other dispatch services). In this article we try to describe how these technologies are useful for end-use applications, use cases that impact on users’ lives and habits, distinguishing between technologies already released in the last three years and those recently released.

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09 Mar: Energy Communities – technological and social evolution

Behind the concise statements made by our AU Antonio Sacchetti , reported in the article on l’Edicola del SUD , lie enormous implications. We have learned, from the lot of news about the PNRR (with the funds of the NGEU – Next Generation Europe), that the digital transition (alias digitization) is the first “mission”, the ecological transition (i.e. green revolution) is the second and, together, already absorb more than half of the funds allocated to Italy (thus over 100 billion euros, including loans and grants); moreover, part of the third mission (Sustainable Mobility) concerns however “energy” aspects (such as e-mobility, for example).

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23 Feb: The water pourer flies to Dubai

The “Water Pourer” has been conceived by Cleto Luca Chieco, 26 years old Industrial design student at Politecnico with the collaboration of Tera srl. The prototype will be exposed during the exhibition ‘Design in Puglia: nel blu dipinto di blu’, scheduled from 20th to 26th March.

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22 Dec: IoT solutions for Smart Building and Digital Energy

Tera Made in Italy solutions for Smart Building and Digital Energy are the result of decades of experience in research and development, design and implementation of systems for monitoring energy consumption, and are the result of ‘totally innovative and original approach with which IoT technologies are mastered. Tera’s products and services enable intelligent management of buildings and plants and contribute to the implementation of Energy Communities, Collective Self-consumption, VPP virtual production systems.

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27 Oct: Great success for Tera at the Hackaton organized by the IoT Lab of the Polytechnic of Milan

A great success for the Hackaton organized by the IoT Laboratory of the Polytechnic of Milan, which saw Tera and other internationally renowned partners among the protagonists. During the two-days challenge, many groups of young students and innovators met to create IoT ideas and projects, mainly based on wireless sensors, for the smart home and smart building…

19 Oct: The “Smart Health Platform” project ranks 3 and is awarded by PROMIS as an agile model of open innovation

In the national competition dedicated to ” open innovation agile tools for the digital transformation of processes and products in the health field “, the” Smart Health Platform “project presented by AReSS Puglia and a team of technological partners, that is Openwork, Sincon, Tera, I-Tel and the Foundation “Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza” IRCCS, ranked third, confirming…

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