BEETA is the new technological solution in the energy efficiency of buildings field that helps users to save on their bills, to use energy consciously and responsibly and to reduce CO2 emissions.

In particular, the BEETA project, beneficiary of the benefits for the call for tenders“HORIZON 2020 PON I&C 2014-20”, consist in the combination of :

  • “Beeta” mobile app: an mobile devices app developed according to the “gamification” approach in order to proactively involve the user who, using the app, receive “Tips & Tricks” to change and improve his energy field behavior and which is translate into energy bill savings
  • “Beeta Box”, an interoperable smart gateway: the smart gateway that improves the user feedback quality through analytical and automatic monitoring.

In line with the EU 2020 targets for the reduction of energy consumption and the efficient exploitation of renewable resources, the BEETA’s strategic vision aims to define, develop and test an innovative ICT platform offering services able to involve end users, inducing behavioral changes in the efficient management of the energy in homes and in small buildings.

Beeta website:

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