Knowledge-based Energy Management for public buildings through holistic information modeling and 3D visualization

Energy management of public buildings through holistic information modeling and 3D visualization – FP7-2011-NMP-ENV-ENERGY-ICT-EeB.

TERA has partecipated in the EU financed Project KnoholEM, together with other 12 partners (Public Research Centers, Universities, Public Entities and Enterprises coming from UK, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Spain).

KnoHolEM was aimed to improve energy efficiency of public buildings in Europe by offering a system that monitors energy consumption and then energy consuming devices based on the usage of the buildings occupants. It achieves this through progressive cycles of integration of computer models that are used to predict and manage energy efficient behaviour: a machine learning environment determines the most appropriate usage of energy consuming devices based upon occupant usage patterns that are analysed against the energy building model and the historic energy usage data from the building.

One of the major challenges that this project has aimed to overcome was the interoperability and usage of data in order to monitor and control the energy consumption within the building. For this purpose, the KnoholEM solution provided the integration of BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) already present in buildings, through an ICT platform.

TERA’s role in the project was to ensure the real connection of ICT tools with field systems, allowing integration of control systems energy of the various buildings.

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