E3ARM projectExperimentation of Energy Efficiency Algorithms in Real Manufacturing Context.

The project, developed within the context of BEinCPPS – Business Experiments in Cyber Physical Production Systems – is related to the realization of Cyber-Physical-System-Modules into processes and production chains, with the aim of improving the automation into industrial manufacturing processes and creating value added services in the process control and maintenance.

TERA will develop a solution for energy efficiency on a production line at Bari’s BOSCH plant with a scalable and plug & play IoT solution; the processing of the data gathered from the field it will be in charge of the Politecnico di Bari.

SPSSmart Polyphenol manufacturing Supervisor   

The project, developed within BEinCPPS, concerns the experimentation of an innovative supervision system in the Poli4Life production plant (Terni) with the aim of removing production defects and reducing the plant’s energy consumption.

TERA, which is Idea75’s partner, has collaborated on the definition and implementation of the 3 SPS architecture levels: Field, Factory, Cloud.

For more information: Idea75 – SPS