The most innovative solution developed by TERA: 3

  • PV Energy systems for nautical and standalone application: experience gained by the company team in a pilot project on Giovanni Soldini boat.
  • Experience with Andrea Caracci, chief specialist of the MINI-TRANSAT Italian navigator race.
  • Partnership with Zetech Srl and AS Labruna for “Low-to-Zero-Emission” boats equipped with high efficiency battery charger.

“SMART FV BOAT SYSTEMs” is a TERA special project; the system is composed by:

  • PV flexible-semiflexible panels, several shapes and technologies;
  • Battery charger (operating both with upper or lower battery system voltgage) equipped with MPPT;
  • Monitoring graphic user interface.

The system allows a global advantage in terms of energy production, with a typical harvesting in the range 30-60% compared to standard solutions available on the market and allows for greater confidence on the reliability of the boat electrical plant.