TERA has developed an ICT (HW + SW) know-how that allows to build customized platforms for the control and management power transmission systems using multiple-engine based powertrain solutions. This know-how has a very high potential in partnership with company involved in several application fields, like Transportations, Energy and Off-Highways, roads maintenance slopes, agro-industry. First experiences involved the “Marine” field, for vessels in fishing and boating; further development of this led to a framework suitable for other applications thanks to the modularity, scalability, flexibility, and re-configurability of the solution.

In this kind of application, the electronic control works on an hybrid engine system composed by a primary diesel engine, a modulated volumetric variable pump and  a secondary hydrostatic motor. This solution is able to ensure the marine propulsion, the drive of hydraulic loads and the production of electrical energy on board, ensuring a reduction of fuel consumption, less environmental impact, reduction of dimension, reduction of exhaust fumes, vibrations and noises.

The system consists of:

  • an automotive-grade mainboard (embedded, custom)
  • a display (commercial, marine grade) with customized (Tera development) user-friendly GUI
  • a multi-parametric Configuration Software able to set up the system depending on the engine powers and numbers, the type of work loads and the type of sensors

The features of the solution developed by TERA are:

  • possibility to independently manage the speed (rpm) both for primary and secondary engines (or hydraulic loads)
  • multiple primary engines (i.e. diesel engine), suitable for several situations, simple ones (single engine) and also more complex situations
  • multiple hydraulic pumps: manifold combination of pumps to engines and so to hydrostatic motors (loads)
  • logging functionalities for post-process data analysis
  • remote monitoring

Technical system features:

  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU):

power supply voltage: 12 … 24Vdc, Dual core microcontroller for automotive applications, Analogue inputs  (approximately 20 available), Digital inputs approximately 25 available, PWM outputs at least 8 available, CAN ports at least 3, USB ports at least 1 available and digital outputs at least 7 available (meaning available for the final application in addition to other for internal use); IP65 grade commercial enclosure available, ready 3D project for ad-hoc enclosure prototype and mould to be made;

  • Display:

for the all  parameters visualization,with an user friendly interface, programmed by TERA, so absolutely and totally flexible, equipped with 2 CAN interfaces and one USB;

  • Configuration SW:

allows to set the configurations number of combustion engines, number of pumps, coil current, number of sensors, of temperature/pressure/number of revolutions, etc… and related characteristic curve, etc.) and allows to display all parameters in real time   (from this SW can be derives the SW for the automatic test on the test bench).