Energy efficiency is an area in which TERA can boast an unique expertise, gained over several years developing and implementing solutions and systems able both to optimize energy consumption through the monitoring of the building up to its automation.

In this context, TERA has developed its own gateway, able to support the most popular IoT protocols. The gateway sends data to a remote platforms (in charge to our partners), for further elaboration and data analysis.

TERA’s skills on the technologies’s installation and field integration set-up, have enabled collaboration with vertical solutions partners for the implementation of innovative and cost-effective solutions, for energy management in public and private buildings.

TERA is able to carry out photovoltaic systems check-up, identifying both efficiencies and plant failures and planning the related corrective/improvement actions, based on customer needs.

TERA staff has got the following certification:

  • Thermographic Operator Certificate Level I – ISO 18436;
  • Thermographic Operator Certificate Levels I and II – ISO 9712;
  • Certificate “Basic Course Thermography”.