One of the most relevant aspect of the Industry 4.0 is the real time analysis of data gathered from field sensors, with the aim to overcome, among other things, from preventive to the most advanced predictive maintenance.

The automation in the industrial sector, even if well structured in terms of offering, often doesn’t allow to easily introduce slim and competitive alternatives that could easily demonstrate the benefits that a distributed sensors system can bring in terms of both economic and time perspective.

TERA already tested and used off-the-shelf  technologies and sensors, that properly combined with its own gateway, enable solutions for supporting the production manager in the predictive maintenance, through the collaboration with partners skilled on data analysis.

Analyse the company’s manufacturing environment, identify the most suitable technologies to be integrated and the management of all implementation aspects, are just some of the added values that have made TERA one of few companies to have already in place installations aligned with Industry 4.0 dictate.