Value proposition / TERA offer: 

  • GIoE and / or Beeta Box
  • sensors / actuators
  • possible installation of sensors / actuators (and small electrical / electronic systems)
  • the SW on board the GIoE / Beeta Box
  • a backend to historicize data, display it, set alarms, configure rules and scenarios, detect specific KPIs.


Benefits – SW Platform (cloud or local server) for: 

  • Remote monitoring (dashboard), alarm generation, custom KPIs, automation for various parameters, including:
  1. Global consumption of electricity; for low voltage meters, without installation, simply by plugging it into any socket, you have a consumption reading (valid for smart meter and open meter e-distribution meters)
  2. Thermal energy produced globally (heat energy meter for boilers); Fuel consumption
  3. Electricity produced globally (photovoltaic generators): for low voltage meters, without additional costs, the production counter is also read; N.B .: possibility to detect any errors of the meter (there are several documented cases in which the energy sold is detected as consumed, with consequent economic loss)
  4. Detailed energy consumption and on-off: a) “sockets”, b) “air conditioning”, c) “lighting”; Detailed electrical consumption for individual equipment / load; Ambient temperature and relative humidity, CO2 levels in the environment (comfort and health); room movements / doors / windows openings
  • KPI / Performance of energy consumption:
  1. consumption by surface, occupancy, temperatures, type of environment, etc
  2. performance of photovoltaic production (if any) with respect to expected production, benchmark, underperformance motivation, possibility to detect losses due to specific reasons including “mismatch”
  • Alert:
  1. overloads with imminent risk of disconnection; posting anyway occurred; failures / underperformance of specific devices / systems / electrical loads
  • Tips:
  1. change temperature setpoint; convenience to storage adoption: there can be convenience to the adoption of storage (electric storage batteries)
  • Actuations – In case the user is equipped with actuators, it will be possible to request the passage from suggestions to automatic actions:
  1. automatic modification of the temperature setpoints (ie on / off / modulation of thermal machines), depending on the presence and internal / external temperature
  2. automatic modification of light intensity, ventilation.


Download Beeta and/or GIoE datasheet