The value proposition of Tera is:

  • GIoE (control unit): Gateway, Hub or Edge Computer which communicates with many devices through multiple protocols, both wired and wireless (as NB-IoT, Modbus, M-Bas, LoRaWAN, Zwave, ZigBee….)
  • sensors / actuators (from third parties, choosing from a wide range)
  • eventual installation service of sensors / actuators (and small electrical / electronic systems)
  • the SW to historicize data and with a basic user interface and BI to be customized from time to time.

This value proposition is however customized based on the specifics of the client’s process: Tera integrates its competences with the skills of the client and / or of its consultants process specialists; together with the latter you choose the parameters to be monitored, the devices to be used (sensors / actuators), the functions to be implemented on the SW.


  1. Smart Agriculture
  2. Smart Industry
  3. Smart Logistics

Click here to download “GIoE datasheet”