SW Platform (cloud or local server) – Remote monitoring (dashboard), alarm generation, custom KPIs, automation for various parameters, including:

  • Line active / reactive power / electricity meters for monitoring: general consumption of the production / building line; consumption of individual parts of machinery (pumps, motors, compressors, heaters, etc.); consumption of individual machinery in the production line; thermal energy in fluid systems (calorie counters), fuel consumption meters; production of photovoltaic systems; consumption of thermal machines (heat pumps, other thermal power plants); consumption of office and instrumentation machines
  • Measurements of process parameters, for monitoring: gas / liquid pressures; force (load cells); liquid level; surface temperature, in contact and not (on machinery, remarkable points of production lines, wells, work center tools, etc.); number of pieces produced / discarded; air temperature / humidity; presence of the operator on the machine; brightness in the work area; air quality in the work area

Analytical and Business Intelligence functionalities possible with integration of third-party SW or implementable ad-hoc on specific customer requests:

  • Energy consumption / piece per single machine
  • Consumption according to the temperatures detected on the machinery and / or the air temperatures in the work area;
  • Productivity as a function of temperature (impact of comfort on the operator) and consumption of the radiating element / air conditioner / thermal machine
  • Consumption per hour of work of the operators
  • KPI relative to the self-consumption of the energy produced by the photovoltaic plant (if present)
  • KPI of specific interest for each process