13 Marzo 2024




School buildings, comfort indoor

Test site

Carelli Middle School– Forlani in Conversano (BA)


Raise public awareness and institutions about the need to improve the conditions of the school environment and protect the health of pupils and promote concentration and learning.

Proposed action

Installazione Installation in the classrooms, in the gyms and in the school offices, of a hundred sensors connected to the BEETA control unit, to monitor general electrical and electronic equipment consumption, thermal consumption, humidity levels, brightness, carbon dioxide and vibrations.

Expected benefits

Il 45.5% of cases the system detected higher level of CO2 (more than 1000ppm), a limit that identifies an unfavorable environmental condition for the pupils’ attention and concentration. In particular, the greatest presence of carbon dioxide has been detected in the most numerous classes and on winter days, when the window is opened rarely for the air change. The result obtained led to a proposal of a technical table, composed by regional councilors and interested people, as well as schools and companies, to extend the experimentation to reach a draft law on carbon dioxide monitorin in schools and other public spaces.BACK TO THE LIST

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