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IoT solutions based on Edge Computers that enable data-driven digital services for Smart Building, Energy, I5.0 applications.

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IoT architettura aperta
An open architecture

An open architecture

All Tera solutions for are modular, scalable and can be upgraded in terms of functions or extended to new environments or systems. They feature an architecture consisting of:

Original multi-protocol control units
Multi-protocol and multi-brand devices (sensors/actuators)
Open source software frameworks and applications, including third-party ones
Our products

Edge computers

We offer IoT solutions based on Edge Computers.

Beeta MoCoBeeta MoCo

Beeta MoCo

Modulation controller (batteries and appliances).

Beeta BoxBeeta Box

Beeta Box

Multiprotocol Edge Computer Control Unit - Indoor

Beeta ReaderBeeta Reader

Beeta Reader

Smart Meter Reader, Plug & Play.



Multiprotocol Edge Computer Control Unit - Industrial

Digital Energy

Digital technologies for monitoring and managing electricity flows

Smart Building

Intelligent building monitoring and management

Smart Industry

Industrial IoT for energy efficiency and for process optimization

Smart Home

BEETA: the home solution for energy efficiency and automation

Tera applications. IoT for energy efficiency

A knowledge-intensive high-tech company

Thanks to the skills acquired in industrial R&D activities, we can define ourselves as a “knowledge-intensive” company for IoT technologies.

Embedded Electronics (HW / FW), Rapid Prototyping (also 3D), Wireless sensor networks
ICT (web, applications, systems, cloud)
IoT Enabling Technologies
Energy analysis and simulations, thermography (certified operator)
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Device Configuration Platform. What is?

It is a middleware that allows configuring and managing the functionalities of Tera's edge computing devices through a dedicated graphical interface. The DCP (Device Configuration Platform) is accessible via a browser by connecting to the device's IP address in a LAN. The DCP has three main elements: a menu with available functionalities, a menu with general settings, and a section with information and settings for the selected functionality. The DCP has a guest mode and an admin mode, the latter requiring the root password of the device. The admin mode provides access to all advanced features of the DCP, including:

  1. Advanced network settings
  2. Management of physical buttons
  3. MQTT client
  4. Advanced general settings (password change, hostname, shutdown/restart, updates).
device Configuration Platform

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