13 Marzo 2024



REHOUSE – Renovation packagEs for HOlistic improvement of EU’s bUildingS Efficiency, maximizing RES generation and cost-effectiveness


Smart building


48 months


4 selected building in Italy, Greek, France e Hungary.


The main result of REHOUSE is the increase in the scope and productivity of the renovation process, the improvement of comfort and satisfaction of the building inhabitants and users, and the increased use of integrated solutions for the decentralized generation of renewable energy. 

Proposed Action

Over the course of next 4 years the project will develop 8 innovative and holistic solutions for efficient, cost-effective and sustainable renovation processes. The solutions would be deployed across 4 selected buildings in Greece, Italy, France, and Hungary respectively. This will include detailed designs, pilot set-up and demonstrations to validate the solutions.


  • Augment the uptake of industrialized technology solutions,
  • support the digitisation of the construction industry,
  • apply circular principles across the whole value chain,
  • introduce the use of safe, sustainable, and secondary raw material in the industry,
  • attain recycling, reuse, and efficient waste management in the field of renovation. 

Funded project

This Project is funded by the European Union with reference to the grant agreement no.101079951


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