The future of innovation is edge computing

25 Ottobre 2021

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Moving processing power to the edge of the network with edge computing is the new frontier of innovation. From the mainframe to the PC, from mixed client-server computing to the cloud and software-as-a-service, the technologies used for data processing, which has become increasingly complex, require even more high capacity and stable connections that minimize the latency time of information transmission, necessary for time-sensitive applications. Most Edge Computing solutions are used in industry for a variety of applications, ranging from sensor aggregation to monitoring of complex systems, to the digital transformation of manufacturing environments. Using Edge Computing technology in industrial sectors, as well as in the service sector, means monitoring and automating certain processes in the best, most effective way and protected from cyber-attacks. Managing machinery and IoT objects in real time is the challenge that edge computing and 5G are preparing to play, whose integration will allow to increase the speed of processing by exploiting the local cache of devices such as smartphones or IoT sensors.

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