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10 Oct: Beeta, the energy-saving app is on Striscia la Notizia

The digital expert Marco Camisani Calzolari recommends the Beeta App in the 6 October episode on Striscia la Notizia. The Beeta Game App, developed by Tera srl, is useful for continuously monitoring the electricity consumption of household appliances and obtaining advice on their optimal use.  Already available free of charge on all digital stores, the app makes it possible to turn energy saving into a sort of competition, where the winner is the user with the most virtuous behaviour.

12 Jul: Interoperability in IoT Systems for Smart Building and Digital Energy

Interoperability between platforms and devices is what will make the difference in a Smart Building and Smart Home Digital Energy system, and which could foster the growth of IoT. But what is meant by interoperability and what is the difference between open and closed communication protocols? For many years, ‘home automation’ systems have been characterised by closed technologies, linked to closed communication protocols (also referred to as ‘proprietary’ as they are developed by a particular manufacturer) characterised by a certain limitation of use. Open communication protocols are more versatile and represent a more ethical choice.

20 Apr: Energy Communities: Smart Metering and Demand-Response technologies take off.

To support the digital transformation that will involve the new electricity grids, Tera srl has developed Smart Devices that read the fiscal meter and monitor and manage the bidirectional flows of Electrical Energy, communicating both with battery (or other type of storage) and PV inverters, and with service delivery platforms (such as Energy Community or Virtual Power Plant services, Grid Services, and other dispatch services). In this article we try to describe how these technologies are useful for end-use applications, use cases that impact on users’ lives and habits, distinguishing between technologies already released in the last three years and those recently released.

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25 Oct: The future of innovation is edge computing

Moving processing power to the edge of the network with edge computing is the new frontier of innovation. From the mainframe to the PC, from mixed client-server computing to the cloud and software-as-a-service, the technologies used for data processing, which has become increasingly complex, require even more high capacity and stable connections that minimize the latency time of information transmission, necessary for time-sensitive applications…

07 Apr: The role of edge computing in the Circular Economy

The European Parliament recent resolution on the New Circular Economy Action Plan sets out the path must be followed to promote the circular economy in Europe. In order to create sustainable and long-lasting products and enable citizens to fully engage in circular economy and benefit form resulting positive changes, the Plan includes a strategic framework…

11 Mar: What is the difference between fog computing and edge computing?

Fog computing and edge computing are often confused, probably due to the similarity of the functionalities they offer in terms of data processing and data sending to analytical platforms located close to the data (ex. sensors on machinery, wearables, various types of devices on assets to be monitored and controlled).

15 Feb: Call for Future with Sodalitas

Sodalitas Call for Future gathers 150 concrete business actions that respond to four major challenges: Call for Planet, Call for People, Call for Work and Call for Better.
Tera srl participates in Sodalitas Call for Future with the project “Beeta for School!” which aims to spread among students the culture of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability through a gaming app that stimulates them to live in a more conscious and balanced way, to reduce consumption and take care of the residential environment in which they live.

16 Dec: Smart Building and Smart Asset post Covid19

Although the pandemic triggered by Covid19 has undoubtedly led to socio-economic disruptions hard to forget, on the other hand it has been a trigger for innovation in many application areas, first of all in the Building, which over time will bring considerable benefits in our everyday lives. In the field of plant management and maintenance, the open approach of edge computers makes it possible to build infrastructures where systems and devices work collaboratively to offer and exploit new relationships in terms of building usage, service consumption (water, energy, etc.), environmental…

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