IoT Edge Computers

Interoperable and multi-protocol edge computer (smart gateway/hub) for Smart Building, Smart Home, Industry 4.0, Smart City and Smart Grid

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The new IoT technological frontier

In the context of distributed and decentralized IT architectures, edge computing is the new approach, capable of reducing the amount of data to be sent to the cloud, processing critical data by transmitting information to a smart device located nearby. The less 'time-sensitive' data can instead be transmitted to the cloud infrastructure or to the data center to allow more complex processing, such as the analysis of big data through Artificial Intelligence and the use of machine learning algorithms to refine learning.

To meet these new needs and data management methods, Tera has created the Beeta™ Box, GIoE, and Beeta™ MoCo Edge Computers. They enable professional IoT solutions and services suitable for many application areas such as energy measurement, building/plant management, static monitoring of infrastructure, Industry 4.0, e-mobility, and much more.

It’s becoming ever more important, in many application sectors, for companies and individuals:

  1. To have an alternative or a redundancy rather than Cloud for data processing and use in near real time, in a robust, safe and reliable way;
  2. To collect field data from different sensors, with different brand and model (more than 80 devices already tested).
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Tera's open approach allows our edge computers to communicate with third-party software and hardware for maximum flexibility

Our products

Edge computers

We offer IoT solutions based on Edge Computers.

Beeta MoCoBeeta MoCo

Beeta MoCo

Modulation controller (batteries and appliances).

Beeta BoxBeeta Box

Beeta Box

Multiprotocol Edge Computer Control Unit - Indoor

Beeta ReaderBeeta Reader

Beeta Reader

Smart Meter Reader, Plug & Play.



Multiprotocol Edge Computer Control Unit - Industrial

BEETA Box and GIoE: the ideal solution for System Integrators, Designers, OEMs.

Tera open approach

The edge computers we design and produce for IoT ecosystems are multi-protocol and based on the LINUX Embedded platform. The use of standardized communication protocols and interfaces allows full configurability, modularity, and scalability.


Options for using Edge computers


With pre-installed LINUX OS

Customer chooses the software suite



The customer installs various software protocols, tools and frameworks



Like FIN Framework by J2Innovations (a Siemens Company) or other

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Open Plug & Play solutions: the agreement with J2 Innovation Inc

Tera ensures full compatibility with SW, development environments, and open source frameworks, both free and paid, such as the innovative FIN Framework platform developed by J2 Innovation Inc.

Made in Italy safety for OEM & System Integrators

Stakeholders recognise Tera as one of the best emerging technology providers in the field of edge processing and IoT interoperable sensor ecosystems: our approach is fully aligned to the IoT paradigm, with modular and scalable solutions and interoperable software and hardware components, adapting to different application fields such as energy measurement and management, building / plant management, Industry 4.0, and e-mobility.

With this approach we build innovative ecosystems for both system integrators and OEMs: it’s possible to use our edge computers with open source OSs, open source or proprietary tools and frameworks, custom software and drivers.

Tera products are totally designed and manufactured in Italy and committed to a high-quality international production scenario, compliant with ISO-9001, ISO 14001, IATF-16949, and IPC Membership.