Solutions for IoT ecosystems.

We are an innovative SME established in 2007, combining the expertise of a team of engineers and specialists in the fields of computer science, electronics, and energy. Our focus is on designing highly innovative IoT solutions.

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Our products

Edge computers

We offer IoT solutions based on Edge Computers.

Beeta MoCoBeeta MoCo

Beeta MoCo

Modulation controller (batteries and drains)

Beeta BoxBeeta Box

Beeta Box

Edge computer multiprotocol control unit - indoor

Beeta ReaderBeeta Reader

Beeta Reader

Lettore di contatori intelligetni e plug & play



Centralina Multiprotocollo Edge computer - industrial

Energy-saving Iot solutions

Energy management system
  • IoT solutions for Smart Home
  • Energy management systems for public and private buildings
  • IoT solutions '4.0' for Smart Procesees(Industry, Agricuulture & Logistics)

IoT applications for energy efficiency

High knowledge intensity

Thanks to the skills acquired in industrial research and development activities, we can define ourselves as a “knowledge-intensive” company in the field of IoT technologies.

Embedded electronics (HW / FW), Rapid Prototyping (also 3D), Wireless sensor networks
ICT (web, cloud, SW Open Source, Edge computers)
IoT Enabling Technologies
Energy analysis and simulation, thermography (certified operator)
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