IoT for Smart Home and energy saving

Monitoring consumption and saving energy at home has never been so easier!

Tera has grouped the main IoT solutions for smart home into an ecosystem: the energy box controls and manages both energy consumption and production in case of photovoltaic system and enables home automation with multi-brand devices.

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smart home
Smart Home

BEETA: the first ecosystem that combines energy efficiency and automation

smart home

BEETA: the IoT ecosystem for domotic and energy saving. How does it work?


Edge computer BEETA box

Introducing our plug & play multiprotocol control unit—offline functionality, sleek design for desk or wall mounting, and equipped with 4 sensors (temperature, humidity, noise, atmospheric pressure). Featuring 10 communication protocols onboard, including three USB inputs, it ensures comprehensive connectivity. Universally compatible with top sensors and actuators, it's a smart, efficient solution for monitoring and control.


App BEETA game

Explore a fun approach to energy conservation with our gamification solution. Increase awareness and discover your Beeta Class through a simplified energy diagnosis. Get practical tips to change consumption habits, making sustainability simple and enjoyable. Start saving energy in a playful way!



Effortlessly track your electricity consumption with real-time updates, presented in watts or euros. Receive instant notifications and alarms for any disconnections, ensuring uninterrupted awareness. Additionally, our platform enables users to easily read and monitor the productivity of any photovoltaic system. Stay informed and in control, enhancing your energy monitoring experience.

BEETA Box: from energy savings to home automation

IoT for Smart Home
beeta box da paretebeeta box da tavolo

BEETA Box is a multiprotocol control unit (also called edge computer or gateway), remotely upgradable, easy to install on a desk or on the wall. It collects the data sent by the on-board sensors, from those installed in the environment and from those connected with the energy systems of the building or home and sends them to the wall display and to a cloud platform, where they are made available to users both through an interface for PC and via an app for mobile devices.

Heart of an open ecosystem it offers the possibility to combine the sensors and actuators available on the market, it is equipped with multiple communication protocols, both wireless (NB-IoT, Wireless M-Bus, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zwave, ZigBee), both wired (2 RS485 ports with Modbus RTU protocol, 3 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, 1 relay output, analog and digital inputs and digital outputs); via USB, it is possible to integrate other protocols (eg, UMTS, GPRS, LTE, 6-LoWPAN, KNX, DLMS COSEM …).


Save by monitoring your energy consumption in real time


Collect data to promptly receive alerts of any anomalies by sending them to a cloud.


Stay informed with convenient app notifications on your smartphone


Easy and versatile installation anywhere

BEETA for your Business

Are you an installer of photovoltaic systems or a home automation retailer?

BEETA systems can also be considered as an excellent business opportunity for retailers and companies in the sector.