Smart Industry

Industrial IoT for energy efficiency and process optimization

In a so rapidly changing world, we have to keep up with the times, making our company more connected, efficient and productive, in line with the industry 4.0 paradigms.

Tera, specializes in IoT technologies and related services, offering customized solutions to optimize production processes in every industrial sector, from metallurgical to agricultural, from logistics to automotive.


IoT systems to save energy and optimize performance

TERA4Industry systems are based on the Smart Gateway GIoE (Gateway for Internet of Everything), designed specifically for the industrial sector, which through the most popular IoT protocols allows communication with various types of devices (sensors / meters / detectors / actuators of different manufacturers and different protocols: vendor-lock-in free approach) and sending data to the Tera4Industry portal.

The benefits of TERA4Industry

Tera IoT solutions allow you to monitor and manage production processes in a very easy, effective and efficient way in order to:

  • optimize performance
  • save on energy consumption
  • reduce waste
  • increase the quality

Gateway for Internet of Everything

GIoE: the control unit for the Smart Industry

GiOE 1

GIoE is a multiprotocol peripheral computer that allows full configurability, modularity and scalability. GIoE can be used in combination with third-party software platforms / tools / frameworks for the implementation of an integrated management and control system: compliant with “FRAMEWORK” (as for OSGI OpnenHab) and tools (MQTT, REST / API, NODE-RED, HomeAssistant, OPC-UA, etc.), as well as FIN FRAMEWORK by J2Innovation (a Siemens company), a powerful and flexible software environment for designers, System Integrators and OEMs. GIoE can be equipped with over 10 communication protocols and can runs algorithms of all types thanks to its computational properties. The computer is also able to communicate with the smart meter reader and to read the 1G and 2G e-distribution smart meters.

GIoE connectable devices allow you to measure:

  •  general consumption of production line / building;
  • consumption of individual parts of machinery (pumps, motors, compressors, heaters, etc.);
  • consumption of individual machinery in the production line;
  • lighting level;
  • consumption of thermal machines (heat pumps, other thermal plants);
  • consumption of office equipements and machines;
  • photovoltaic system production;
  • thermal energy in fluid systems (energy counters), fuel consumption meters.
  • air temperature / humidity;
  • presence of the operator on the machine;
  • brightness in the work area;
  • air quality in the work area;
  • surface temperature, in contact and not (on machinery, significant points of production lines, manholes, tools of work centers, etc ..);
  • gas / liquid pressures;
  • force (load cells);
  • liquid level;
  • number of produced / discarded pieces
  • soil moisture
  • soil water potential;
  • leaf wetness;
  • wind direction and speed;
  • rainfall;
  • solar radiation / brightness;
  • atmospheric pressure.

Technologies and production environments
always under control

1 monitoraggio

Real time monitoring

4 gestione

predictive maintenance

3 benchmark

benchmark between production lines

2 manutenzione

optimization of energy resources management

5 integrazione

integration of information with flows managed by existing information systems

AI applied to the IoT

SW System for DSS (Decision Support System): dashboard, historical analysis, alarm generation, automation, KPI produced by algorithms (AI applied to IoT – coming soon).

Analysis, Business Intelligence, KPI functions available
on Tera software or by integration
of opensource tools and third-party platforms:

tera industry icon 01

consumption for each machine

tera industry icon 02

consumption according to the temperatures detected on the machinery and / or the air temperatures in the work area

tera industry icon 03

productivity depending on temperature (impact of comfort on the operator) and consumption of the radiant element / air conditioner / thermal machine

tera industry icon 04

consumption per hour of operator work

tera industry icon 05

self-consumption and convenience index in adopting an electrical storage system (batteries) for photovoltaic prosumers

tera industry icon 06

KPI for tariff convenience

tera industry icon 07

Typical KPIs for managing only the building (office area)

tera industry icon 08

KPIs of specific interest for each process

Tera is the ideal partner for all companies wishing to access the contributions of Title VI of the Puglia Region “Aid to individuals for the efficiency of buildings / industries” which provides for the obligation to install a monitoring and backup system for data collection and storage of energy consumption and production.

Energy Efficiency

Efficientamento Energetico
Edifici Pubblici

Regione Puglia

Tera expertise for Smart Industry

Smart Industry
Smart Industry
Automotive Industry Monitoring
Smart Industry Smart CIty
SCA – Atmosphere control system

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