Internet of things for Energy efficiency of buildings

Optimizing energy consumption is an essential objective in the construction of new buildings and in the retrofitting of existing ones.

Tera designs and manufactures building automation systems for environmental monitoring and energy efficiency of all type of buildings, from residential structures, to schools, to public and private offices., but also for the management of comfort, of the infrastructural parameters (wall cracks, vibrations, wall inclinations) and location

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Custom IoT solutions for Smart Building

The TERA4Buildings systems are based on two types of Smart Gateway: GIoE (Gateway for Internet of Everything) and BEETA BOX (Building Energy Efficiency Trusted Advisor) which, through the most popular IoT protocols, allow communication with various types of devices (sensors / meters / detectors / actuators from different manufacturers and from different protocols – vendor-lock-in free approach). With BEETA BOX, moreover, the energy manager or building manager can detect, with simple programmable visual signals, the correct functioning or system anomalies. TERA4Buildings is based on a flexible, open, modular and scalable architecture.

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IoT for Smart Bulding

Building monitoring and management with Tera4Buildings systems.

Tera 4 Energy

Tera4Energy implements energy monitoring allowing you to start a path towards the company’s energy and production efficiency, while ensuring compliance with Legislative Decree 102/2014. The system provides for the installation of an interoperable Edge Computer with sensors, both wireless and wired, which collects information on consumption trends in real time. The information is sent to the Tera4Energy software platform (installable on both Server and Cloud), which displays information on energy consumption in real time, activates alarms (alerts) on exceeding thresholds, stores and makes this data available for subsequent processing, customizable.

The dashboard is simple to use and offers a synoptic view of the trend of consumption and of total production and consumption values, by function, by individual department or building, down to the detail of the individual machinery / energy load, customizable according to the needs of the user.


Technologies and production environments always under control


Monitoring of environmental parameters: temperature, humidity, brightness, UV, CO2


Energy consumption monitoring: general and individual parts of the building, thermal machines (heat pumps, thermal plants), office machines, instruments, photovoltaic systems


Measurement and metering of thermal energy in fluid systems (energy counter)

heatRadiator monitoring

Remote control of thermal power plants and radiant elements

window ckecks

Detect doors and windows opening

on off

Control: on/off lights and devices switch, doors and windows opening etc..


SW System for DSS (Decision Support System): dashboard, historical analysis, alarm generation, automation, KPI produced by algorithms (AI applied to IoT – coming soon)

Analysis, Business Intelligence, KPI functions available on Tera software or by integration of opensource tools and third-party platforms:


Visualization on dashboards, historical analyzes and reports, e.g., for: performance of energy consumption, consumption per unit of surface, per degree of room occupancy or per air temperature degrees.


Visualization in dashboards, historical analyzes and reports, for example, for: productivity of the photovoltaic system, remuneration of the photovoltaic system, instantaneous performance index, mismatch index (and convenience in adopting a power optimizer


Alert for overloads, failures / underperformance of specific devices / systems / appliances


Temperature setpoint modification advice


Self-consumption index and convenience in adopting an electrical storage system (batteries) for photovoltaic prosumers


Automatic modification (through special actuators) of set point temperature, light intensity, ventilation according to environmental parameters

Energy efficiency

Tera is the ideal partner for all companies wishing to access the contributions of Titolo VI of the Puglia Region “Aiuti ai privati per Efficientamento edifici/industrie” which provides the obligation to install a monitoring and backup system for data collection and storage of energy consumption and production.

The devices connectable to GIoE and BEETA BOX allow you to measure the parameters of


The monitoring system provides a comprehensive analysis of energy consumption, detailing electricity, thermal energy, fuel consumption, and photovoltaic production, along with specific electrical consumption information. Key performance indicators (KPIs) assess performance and efficiency, while alerts signal critical situations such as overloads, disconnections, and faults. Suggestions to optimize efficiency include automatic adjustments to temperature setpoints.


The monitoring system offers a detailed analysis of environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, gas levels, and movements. Using a range of key performance indicators (KPIs), it evaluates energy efficiency and environmental quality, while also providing timely alerts for potentially dangerous situations such as unauthorized openings, unusual movements, and risks of flooding or fire. Through automatic suggestions and actions, such as adjusting brightness and ventilation, the system ensures a safe and comfortable environment.

Tera applications. IoT for energy efficiency